Dear Guests!

Dunapart Villa House is a holiday home with the aim of getting acquainted with its guests in the framework of guest reception, the effects, application, enjoyment and enjoyment of people’s physical and mental health in the whole and in all its aspects; the guest arranges the accommodation service with their knowledge.

Thanks to our credo, we would like to welcome our dear guest and wish you a good rest, pleasant relaxation and a relaxed experience.

It will do its utmost to achieve these goals, but it is indispensable for the cooperation of the guests. To this end, we consider it necessary to take into account and comply with the standards outlined below.

Policy is an inseparable part of the holiday / holiday contract.

The most important phone numbers:

Police. 107

Ambulance: 104

EU SOS: 112



Guests are given the key to which a guest (s) resident must be registered. The registration means the exact filling-in of the notification form and the identity of the guest’s identity. Presentation of the identity document is a contractual condition deemed essential to the hotel. Stateless persons and not nationals of the European Union are obliged to present and transfer the stateless ID or the passport under the law.

The holiday home can be occupied from 14:00 on the day of arrival.

In the case of a previous occupation of the holiday home, the holiday home is entitled to charge the premium specified in the contract.



On the day of departure, the guest is required to leave the cottage with the luggage and the things he enters until 10:00 and the key is delivered in advance.

In case of a later holiday, the owner is entitled to charge the premium specified in the contract.

The guest is obliged to settle the cost of the stay at the latest upon receipt of the keys of the holiday home.

In case of denial of payment for any reason, the owner of the holiday home is entitled to hold back and to enforce the pledges of the guests entered into the guest house.

The owner of the holiday home will bear the amount of the additional fee that has been incurred and not paid out on the guest’s credit card.



Only registered guests can stay in the holiday home. The guest is responsible for the conduct of his visitor, including any damage. The owner excludes liability for damage caused by the visitor to the guest and / or third party.

In addition to the over-the-staff guest, the guest will charge a porta / rack Guests under the age of 18

A child under the age of 14 can only stay in the holiday home under the sole supervision of a parent or other person under his authority. The child is responsible for the child’s damage and damage.

The guest can use the services of a guest under the age of 14 only with a parental or other person with a mandate.

In the cottage area, a person under the age of 18 can not drink alcohol. The parent of the person below the age of 18 and the person responsible for him / her shall be bound to observe this obligation. For the legal, moral and material consequences of the breach of this obligation, the parent or his or her authorized person shall be fully responsible.


Holiday home appliances and equipment

The guest is obliged to use the equipment and equipment of the holiday home. Damage resulting from improper use is to be paid by the guest at the owner’s request but at the latest before leaving.

The furnishing and equipment of the holiday home can only be used with the owner’s prior written permission. Any rearrangement of the holiday home or furniture may only be carried out by the owner or by an authorized representative of the owner.

he removal of holiday property without the prior written permission of the owner is considered a criminal offense and in this case the owner

 will take the necessary criminal and civil action steps.

The guest must notify the owner of any damage to the equipment, furnishing or equipment of the cottage. The guest is not entitled to repair the error or attempt to rectify the fault himself. The liability for damages resulting from this is excluded by the owner.



The holiday home has a wi-fi system, which is free of charge.

The guest will receive the wi-fi connection password when signing in to the holiday home.

The password is xTn2r9T5

The wi-fi’s continuous and uninterrupted operation and availability are not guaranteed by the holidaymaker.

The owner is not responsible for the direct or indirect damage caused by or during the use of wi-fi to the guest device or its contents. The service is provided by the guest at his / her own risk and risk.



The cottage operates a closed-loop camera system in the building and in its external (street) and interior (courtyard) environment for the wealth and personality of the guests and the holiday home, which continuously prepares and records recordings 24 hours a day.

 In the holiday home you do not have an electric appliance, including a laptop, notebook, tablet, camera, camcorder, to use an iron, coffee maker and other non-standard electrical appliances.

There are no things to do in the holiday area

The holidaymaker prohibits the following things:

  • In the legislation in force, it is corrosive, flammable chemicals, substances classified as material,
  • substances classified as flammable and / or potentially explosive in current legislation,
  • particularly expensive, high value valuables, museum objects,
  • fireworks, fireworks, their components, components,
  • waste, environment, health hazard,
  • psychotropic material,

 Upon a written written request from the guest, you may authorize in writing to enter the non-admissible thing in the holiday home.

If the guest can not enter the cottage area without the prior written permission of the owner, the owner can remove or remove it at the guest’s expense.

Any liability for damage incurred without a license is excluded by the owner.

The guest shall have full legal and financial responsibility for all damages and damages caused to the other guest, third party or owner by the unauthorized entry.

The firefighting system was installed at the resort, which prompts the guest to notify the fire brigade at 105 or immediately to put the fire extinguisher into operation and to do everything in its power to extinguish the fire, with full liability for damages to the guest’s obligations.



The holiday home is a non-smoking resort. It is prohibited to use smoking or the use of electric cigarettes in the enclosed rooms (including guest rooms) and in the entire open area belonging to the holiday home, with the exception of smoking space.

 If the owner is fined by the competent authority on the basis of the relevant legislation, the owner is entitled to pass on or to pay the amount of the fine for the person attending the offense, if any other person or other person residing in the holiday home is violated.


Fire protection

The cottage is equipped with a fire alarm and a CO meter and a fire extinguisher. In the event of a fire occurring immediately, it is obligatory for all guests in the guest or in the holiday home to take all the necessary measures to prevent the fire and to inform the owner and firefighters of the free number 105. For damages resulting from failure to comply with these obligations and if he / she is responsible for his or her entire property. If any guest is obliged to notify the owner or his agent.


Daily cleaning

The holiday is cleaned one time, with a separate fee, if required, the service can be ordered for a preliminary written request.

 From an environmental point of view only the towels placed on the floor of the bathroom are replaced by the owner

Washing and ironing

 In the cottage fire regulations, there is no ironing in the room. You can use the washing machine at your own risk.



Caravans can park their cars free of charge in the uncovered and unguarded parking lot of the holiday home.

If the guest wants to use the parking lot, the registration number of the vehicle must be indicated on the notification form when logging in. In case of refusal or failure, parking is not available.


The illness of a guest, his death

In the event of the illness / death of the guest, the owner of the holiday home will be required to reimburse the cost of the patient / deceased relative, heir and the account holder; the possible medical and procedural costs, the value of the services rendered prior to the death, and the possible damage to equipment and fittings in case of illness / death.

In the case of the communicable illness of the guest, the holidaymaker shall have the right to terminate the contract with no immediate refund or compensation. In this case, the guest must leave the holiday home together with his luggage at his / her own expense within the period specified in the termination of the holiday. In case of infectious illness, the resort is 18/1998. (VI.3) NM. (This decree prescribes what to do in case of an infectious disease. Under the regulation, if such suspicion exists, the resort doctor will call and he will determine whether the guest is infectious or not.)


Abnormal behavior

After being in the resort zone, surrounded directly by other properties, it is forbidden to play sound, music, noise, lurid activity, sound effects, noise disturbance in the room, radio, etc. after 22:00 in the resort.

In the resort, regardless of the date, any behavior or behavior that interferes with the rest, security, safety and privacy of others is prohibited; may be considered as bullying or may be considered as intimidating others.

 The resort excludes any liability for any harm caused by the guest’s behavior to another guest.


Lost and found

Objects found can be handed over to the owner or agent where they are registered. Food, food items and medicines are destroyed by the owner of the resort. Holders can store the items for 3 months. If the legitimate owner of the object is found, he / she can receive the item by signing and signing his or her identity document and reimbursing the expenses incurred by the guard. The owner can send objects that can not be retained by the owner due to their size, weight or other attribute without delay.

The owner of the holiday home is liable for damages

The owner of the holiday property shall be liable for all damages incurred in entering the guest’s holiday except in the case of excluded items, except for cash, valuables and security in the safe in the room. The owner of the holiday home must pay a maximum of ten times the daily room rate paid by the guest for the damages thus incurred.

The owner is exempt from damages if he or she proves that the damage was caused by an unavoidable cause outside the scope of the guests and employees or caused by the damage caused by the guest himself.


Camera system

Attention is drawn to the attention of the car park and the front of the building as well as the garden camera system that captures the image, which is why guests and the property and the personal security of the building are guaranteed 30 days after the fixation of the fixed material will be destroyed.

The rules for use are recorded in the privacy policy by the fact that only the owner and the person entrusted to him are entitled to data handling.


Data protection

The holiday resort will inform you of the current guest’s stay in the past or in the future for a third party, including close relatives of the guest, only on the basis of the prior written permission of the guest. This prohibition on information does not apply to a request for legal action.

The guest acknowledges that the resort is required by law to provide the requesting authority with the personal information requested by the guest in the request, provided that the legal conditions thereof are met. The resort can not object to the provision of information based on legislation, official or judicial decision.

The management of the data of the guests is governed by a separate privacy policy, which is provided on the web site by the data protection rules and the processing of registered data as well as by the guest’s consent.


Owner and details:

dr. Orsolya Izsák

1023 Budapest Rómer Flóris Street 55

Tax number.53568252-1- 41

Bank account number. 11773425-60666118-000000000

EURO based: HU32117750181552988800000000

Contact us. +36304656966

Approval number: 07 / 1968-2 / 2018